On the lyrical site…

I have a silent love for poetry, probably woken by an overly ambitious teacher who provided us with whatever lyric she could come up with.

Although, today I do not read poetry to analyse it, I’m still just so amazed by the talent the authors possess to put their thoughts into words, working with images, metaphors, rhymes… their ability to have me thinking about one outstanding line all day long.

Poetry is so versatile. It ranges from cute little notes with a special twist to elaborate stories following a rhyme flow that stays in your mind like a song. It can tell a whole story within a few lines, have you smiling like a Cheshire cat or make you question your attitude by the time you finish the last verse.

The way those everyday words, when put in the right hands, can create such beautiful pieces of art and castles in the sky is a bit like magic.

Therefore I’ll be showing two of my personal faves:

It is so cute and simple but it takes time to be understood. There was a point when I thought, this was just a random collection of words 😉 It makes me smile everytime I read it.
And then there are the more thoughtful pieces:

Why I Hate Reading Maps

by Gabriel Gadfly

I have unrolled a map
onto my kitchen table
and put one finger
where you are and
another where I am.

The space between
is only inches. That close,
I could feel you breathing.
I could reach out and
run my fingers through
every strand of your hair,
touch your lips and
barely need to move.

In the corner of the map
there is a guide for judging scale:
every inch a hundred miles
full of roads and rivers and trees,
the guide a sharp reminder
that you are where you are
and I am where I am,
inches apart.

Can you feel the emotions in it? The slight tremble going through the narrator in the 2nd stanza? The frustration and resignation of the last lines?

It’s like listening to a beautiful song, leaving goosebumps all over your body. I just wish I had the talent to create something like that.


What to do in your freetime? – besides cleaning the windows, I mean ;)

Ha! Yesterday I was actually allowed to leave work early because there was so little to do! So little-Patricia suddenly sat at home, smiling and… not knowing what to do with all that free time?

Of course, the good girl that I am, I got up and cleaned my windows. {Spring cleaning: almost check}

However cleaning the windows in my parents’ house meant a whole day of stretching, carrying buckets full of water and using plenty of towels to get all 26 windows spotlessly clean while in my apartment there are only 6 of them, including the balcony door 😀

Again I was put in front of the question: and NOW??

First, I played a bit with my camera… {really wish I had a “real” one, no matter how much I love my digi cam}

I'm loving spring. And cherry blossoms on my coffee table 🙂

And then I started on THIS little project. A twig I had laying around from spring decoration and divided Kleenex’ turned into this:

picture didn't turn out so great... looks way better in RL

AND now, a little craft to spend the rainy saturday afternoon with. I made this quite a while ago, when still living in Freiburg. I could not stand the bare wall next to my bed so I searched the net for some easy DIY art and found THIS.

I adapted the method a bit to my taste, printing out my letters on normal paper, covering them with the magazine strips and then cutting along the lines that shone through the back of the paper.

and that’s the outcome:

And a bit “setting the scene” 😉

So I hope I have provided you with enough ideas to get through these boring hours 😉 for a little while at least.

… from Berlin with Love,