Spread hope

Good evening sweet people!

I was once again checking on my favourite blogs tonight, when I came across a post by Emily at JDC.  Of course I was at first caught by the incredibly cute face of that sock monkey but then I started to explore the story behind it with the links she provided and ended up reading all evening about this awesome project:

It always touches my heart to see that people, strangers to each other, unite, in order to help those who have not been the most fortunate ones. It gives hope that maybe not everything in this world will end in tragic as you might easily assume when watching the news for even 5 minutes.

After finding out about this beautiful project I’m of course very much inclined to join, though I’m a little late for the the current project. And I do invite you to at least read about that heart-warming story and maybe share a link on your website so the word will be spread. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Good night, Patricia