02.12.2012 – or the nightmare before SCD

Hello there world!

I know I haven’t been around here for a long time. (okay a really loong time…) but there has been a lot going on in my little world.

And with all the stress, physical and mental, another problem arose: weight gain!

I have struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life, set off by a very bad disease which had me in hospital for half a year in 3rd grade and the medication increased appetite and reduced the feeling of being full.

I reached my peak weight during my exchange at 187 lb and worked off 33 pounds simply by going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Then I hit a plateau, tried changing my diet and have been bouncing back and forth ever since. Now… I’m back at about 176 lb and really discontent with the overall situation. I never ever wanted to go back there again!

So last week, I came across a great book: the 4-hour-body. I mainly got it to see, if the claims made had any significant scientifical background. Read it through in 2 1/2 days.

At the beginning I thought: “You can never, ever go without carbs! What do you do without pasta? Or your beloved bread? Let alone chocolate and sweets?” and then slowly I started considering it. Didn’t sound so bad after all.

Different then what I did before, I took my time to really get into the topic. Searched forums, communities and blogs featuring the Slow Carb Diet for recipes, stories and results. And it stuck with me. I could do that too. Maybe not for life but for quite some time.

Setting the starting date to Monday, 03.12.2012 helped me get prepared. I figured out a meal plan to have enough variety (nothing as bad as the same meal every day) and help prepare them.

As a student I have little time and money so it all takes some planning beforehand.

I stocked my freezer with proteins (fish, turkey, chicken) and my pantry with beans and lentils. And I got excited. Really excited. If it was for “my other self” (the bad, impatient one) I would have started right away. But like this, I had time to rethink and prepare. And now I can’t wait to get started.

Thank you for your patience and for finishing that post 😉

from Berlin with Love,



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