03.12.2012 – 1st day of SCD

Feeling this morning: a little grumpy as night ended at 5.30. Couldn’t go back to sleep and was very hungry.
Breakfast was quick (thought it would take longer), lentils tasted great, will remember to season spinach… Not sure if I’m full or not. Not so very motivated to do Pilates but pushed half way through.
Thoughts at night: Had too many eggs, feel sick but satisfied. Need to eat sth inbetween lunch and dinner. Came home starving but also forgot to eat beans at lunch.

What I ate:

Breakfast *2 scrambled eggs
*1/2 cup lentils
*1 cup spinach
Mid-Day Snack *Carrots & Hummus
*1 boiled egg,
*cucumber and tomato slices
Lunch *pork chop
*scrambled egg
* Salad
Dinner *Alaska Pollock
*Bowl of Salad

02.12.2012 – or the nightmare before SCD

Hello there world!

I know I haven’t been around here for a long time. (okay a really loong time…) but there has been a lot going on in my little world.

And with all the stress, physical and mental, another problem arose: weight gain!

I have struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life, set off by a very bad disease which had me in hospital for half a year in 3rd grade and the medication increased appetite and reduced the feeling of being full.

I reached my peak weight during my exchange at 187 lb and worked off 33 pounds simply by going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Then I hit a plateau, tried changing my diet and have been bouncing back and forth ever since. Now… I’m back at about 176 lb and really discontent with the overall situation. I never ever wanted to go back there again!

So last week, I came across a great book: the 4-hour-body. I mainly got it to see, if the claims made had any significant scientifical background. Read it through in 2 1/2 days.

At the beginning I thought: “You can never, ever go without carbs! What do you do without pasta? Or your beloved bread? Let alone chocolate and sweets?” and then slowly I started considering it. Didn’t sound so bad after all.

Different then what I did before, I took my time to really get into the topic. Searched forums, communities and blogs featuring the Slow Carb Diet for recipes, stories and results. And it stuck with me. I could do that too. Maybe not for life but for quite some time.

Setting the starting date to Monday, 03.12.2012 helped me get prepared. I figured out a meal plan to have enough variety (nothing as bad as the same meal every day) and help prepare them.

As a student I have little time and money so it all takes some planning beforehand.

I stocked my freezer with proteins (fish, turkey, chicken) and my pantry with beans and lentils. And I got excited. Really excited. If it was for “my other self” (the bad, impatient one) I would have started right away. But like this, I had time to rethink and prepare. And now I can’t wait to get started.

Thank you for your patience and for finishing that post 😉

from Berlin with Love,