On the organizational part

Okay. I admit it. I’m a declutter-addict.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with decluttering, probably because my family has always been some kind of hoarder and collector… Nowadays I go through all my stuff all the time, kicking out a little every now and then. It’s a constant process.

And I love being organized. If it was for me, my flat would be covered in lists, charts and schedules {still keep forgetting things all the time anyways}.

But today I’m here to share two of my favourite {and free} printables to keep my life a little organized.

First of all, there is this really pretty birthday calender {yay, no more apology-cards ;)} from ThePrettyBlog.

It’s too sweet not to be used and I taped it across my fridge as a daily reminder, right next to the 2nd print: my weekly schedule from IHeartOrganizing. Be sure to scroll down and check out all of Jen’s awesome work. I love the bright and pretty colours.

It is so easy to stay organized when there people who make all these beautiful thingies for us. Thank you so much!

… from Berlin with Love,



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