Time to confess…

My name is Patricia and I’m terribly addicted to all things sweet and sugary.

And that’s why I cut out all sweets from my diet until Easter. Do I feel better now? No. Not really. Instead I miss chocolate and cake and cookies. But that’s probably normal for the first few days. I do hope though it’ll get easier day by day.

I’ve really been wanting to make healthier choices in eating, cutting out processed foods {That one wasn’t hard. I love cooking and baking :)} and carbs at night  but sometimes it seems just so hard to always worry about things like “Is this right to eat?” “Should I not have left that out?” Always feeling guilty when indulging in something you know is bad for your body and wondering whether you are getting enough nutritions with your foods. I’m not quite sure how to keep myself motivated especially when stumbling across these on the net…



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