My newly discovered beauty routine

Since the beginning of the year I’ve decided to go {almost} all-natural on my beauty routine and I have to say, so far it works charms!

I have gotten rid of my bad acne if you don’t consider the few break-outs every now and then and my skin has a really healthy glow to it. It is great for my ecological conscience, not to speak about all the money I save from not buying those cosmetic-industry-driven products.

Soo here’s a short overview of what I changed for what:

Face Wash & Toner

 Instead of rubbing off all the natural oils from my skin every night, I’m now using a mixture of castor and olive oil, also known as the famous Oil Cleansing Method. To read more about it try Beauty Suite 101. My mixture is 30 % castor and 70 % olive oil because I tend to have very oily skin. I’m using this method every night and afterwards apply a little of my “newly discovered” moisturizer.


For a facial moisturizer I found that Grapeseed oil is perfect. It’s a very light-weight oil, anti-bacterial oil that doesn’t clog your pores. A few drops a just the right thing morning and night.

Body Lotion

The cheepest method I could find {all-time-broke student} is using pure Coconut Oil. I heated mine, added in a bit Olive oil for extra-nutrition and filled it in a pretty jar. If you have a little money at hand, you may add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. I do miss that girly-lotion smell. However be careful when using coconut oil. It liquifies quickly at higher room-temperatures and when exposed to direct sunlight.


The winner is: Apple Cider Vinegar! Mix about 2 tablespoons vinegar with 1 cup of water and pour over your hair. Let sit for a minute or two and rinse completely. It also remains stable for a few weeks in an air-tight bottle if you want to make larger quantities.

Body Scrub

For a refreshing body scrub I mix my morning coffee grounds with some shower cream. It makes a whole lot of a mess in the shower 😉 but it is a really gentle scrub which might even help fight cellulite because of the caffeine.

Heat Protectant

Again my favourite allrounder: grapeseed oil. Spread a few drops on your hands and massage into your ends and use to flatten frizzy hair. Then blow dry or straighten your hair.

You can also turn it into a deep conditioning treatment by using it like shampoo, then wrap your hair into a towel and let sit for 30 minutes. Relax, breathe, have a coffee, paint your nails. Then wash as usual with shampoo and conditioner.

So that’s pretty much all about it. You may have noticed that I have not yet given up shampoo, I just don’t trust the baking soda treatment. Other products I can hardly substitute are my favourite shower cream, my deodorant and the medical toothpaste. And of course my decorative make-up…

But for a first, I think it’s been a great step towards a greener, healthier beauty routine.

Tell me! What else have you found helpful/essential?

from Freiburg with love ❤ Patricia


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